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Issue #10 is now available!

Hello readers and welcome to the somewhat overdue Issue 010 of HITB Magazine. As they say, better late than never!

Since the last issue, we've also changed the HITB Security Conference Call for Papers submission guidelines to now require speakers to submit a research 'white paper' to accompany their talk. The first round of papers came to us via
#HITB2013KUL in October and thankfully we now have loads of AWESOME CONTENT! We've got so much good stuff we could have probably put together two issues even!

With the new change to the CFP submissions, we've decided to also change our publication schedule for 2014 to a 'per HITB SecConf' release cycle. This means you can expect a new magazine approximately every 6 months
which we'll release alongside a HITB Security event.

What else do we have planned for 2014? Well next year also marks the 5th year anniversary of the HITB Security Conference in Amsterdam and we're celebrating it in traditional HITB fashion – by adding something special to our line up – our first ever HITB hacker expo! A 3-day IT security and technology exhibition unlike anything that's been done before. Think RSA or Mobile World Congress meets Makerfaire with a generous touch of HITBSecConf thrown in for good measure. What exactly does that mean? Imagine an area dedicated to hackerspaces; makers with 3D printers, laser cutters and other fabrication goodies coupled with TOOOL's Lock Picking Village, HITB and Mozilla's HackWEEKDAY developer hackathon, our Capture the Flag 'live hacking' competition and more all wrapped around a 3-day exhibition with Microsoft and Google as the main anchors. The cost to attend? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! Yup, entrance to HITB Haxpo will be F-R-E-E! Head over to http://haxpo.nl for further details and to register (we've got a new registration system too!) On behalf of The HITB Editorial Team, I hope you enjoy this special end of year issue we've put together and we wish you all a very Happy New Year, and have a great time ahead!

The Editorial Team
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HITB Magazine Issue 008

By Hack In The Box (HITB)

68 pages, published 10 APR 2012

Issue 008 of The Hack In The Box Quarterly magazine, in all glossy print, packed with the latest and greatest network security goodies and 0day awesomeness for Spring-Summer 2012 - delivered straight to your doorstep!
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